Haunted Little Rock

Published by Arcadia Publishing
Step into southern legend and lore and discover the supernatural spirits that rock the capital city of Arkansas.

From the Quapaw tribe who first inhabited the land to the first French settlement in the early 1700s, Little Rock’s history predates the founding of America. Yet the people and events that shaped this historic legacy refuse to disappear into the pages of history books, and voices from the past still echo on Little Rock’s streets. Join author and tour guide Linda L. Howell as she recounts history as fascinating as it is frightening. From the harrowing tale of how Curran Hall came to be haunted to the story behind the spirits that linger in historic Mount Holly Cemetery and much more, this collection covers the breadth of Little Rock’s chilling history.

Includes photos!

“The book provides pictures, stories and eyewitness accounts of reported ‘hauntings’ in Little Rock . . . A fun and educational read.” —The Empress of Little Rock

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