Game Players

Published by Bloodhound Books
From the bestselling author of the Kat and Mouse Murder Mysteries, a twisting crime thriller with “lots of gasp-out-loud moments” (On the Shelf Reviews).

When a group of six children playing in their den in the woods spot a man burying drugs nearby, it marks the beginning of the end of their childhoods.

Unsure what to do, the children dig up the drugs and take them away. But when the dealer, who they watched bury the supply, shows up dead, the youngsters are thrown into turmoil. Scared of what might happen, the children tell the police about the body they have discovered.

Meanwhile, a group of gangsters start searching for their missing drugs. Soon the children and their families become the target of the vicious criminals who will stop at nothing to retrieve their stash . . .

“WOW! ANITA HAS DONE IT AGAIN. What a bloody brilliant, outstanding, captivating story.”—Between the Pages Book Club

“This is a very gritty read . . . Add into the mix, the ruthlessness of the gangsters and you’ve got a cracking crime thriller.”—A Knight’s Reads

“An exceptional read and I was totally captivated from beginning to end.”—Bookstormer

“Be prepared to put everything on hold when you pick up this book, for me, it was a ‘one sitting read,’ a book that I could not put down.”—Me and My Books

“An engrossing read that I pretty much inhaled.”—Cheekypee Reads and Reviews

“Waller has an amazing skill to grab you and keep you interested until the very last page.”—Eclectic Ramblings of Author Heather Osborne

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