Published by Bloodhound Books
The sequel to Beautiful from the bestselling author of the Kat and Mouse Murder Mysteries. “A thriller so compelling that it takes your breath away.” —Betsy Reavley, bestselling author of Broken

What if your mother was murdered? And what if the man who murdered her took your daughter from you the day she was born? This is Lauren’s life. A life plagued by the existence of one man.

For as long as she can remember, the shadow of Ronald Treverick has cast over everything Lauren holds dear. She doesn’t know if she’ll ever get her daughter back, or if Treverick will triumph and destroy her family—one person at a time . . .

“Chilling . . . these psychological exposés are a strength of Waller’s writing. Another strength is the author’s depiction of Cornwall.” —Crime Fiction Lover

Praise for Beautiful

“A remarkable debut that fills the void after Gone Girl.” —Betsy Reavley, bestselling author of Broken

“In a year that has seen a few great psychological thrillers published, Beautiful is a standout because of its compelling simplicity.” —Crime Fiction Lover

“You’ll be left thinking about this book long after you finish it.” —Florrie Palmer, songwriter and author of The Decoy

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