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lyudmila pavlichenko
Lyudmila Pavlichenko: The Red Army Sniper Who Took Out over 300 German Soldiers During World War II
female warriors
7 Famous Female Warriors Who Took the Battlefield By Storm
michael perkins
This Soldier Took Out a Pillbox Using only One Small Bomb and a Combat Knife
military movies
9 Awesome Military Movie Scenes No Soldier Actually Gets To Do
9 Wartime Pocket Manuals That Put You in a Soldier's State of Mind
Paul-Alfred Stoob
This German Soldier Received the Same Wounds in the Same Town as His Father Did 30 Years Earlier
nancy wake
Nancy Wake: The Fearless Resistance Fighter Who Led Over 7,000 Soldiers Against the Nazis
Meet the Nightfighters, a Division of Allied Soldiers Who Attacked Nazis with Empty Rifles and Grenades
3 395 battle of bulge
How the 3rd 395th Battalion's Last Stand Helped Win the Battle of the Bulge
War Bonds: True Stories of Love and Marriage During World War II