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      Buy !Click Song at Amazon

      !Click Song

      John A. Williams
      Buy "Hello," I Lied at Amazon

      "Hello," I Lied

      M. E. Kerr
      Buy "Johnny, We Hardly Knew Ye" at Amazon

      "Johnny, We Hardly Knew Ye"

      Kenneth P. O'DonnellDavid F. Powers
      Buy "No One Can Hurt Him Anymore" at Amazon

      "No One Can Hurt Him Anymore"

      Carol J. RothgebScott H. Cupp
      Buy "Our Crowd" at Amazon

      "Our Crowd"

      Stephen Birmingham
      Buy "The Rest of Us" at Amazon

      "The Rest of Us"

      Stephen Birmingham
      Buy 'Nids at Amazon


      Ray Garton
      Buy 100 Words Almost Everyone Mixes Up or Mangles at Amazon

      100 Words Almost Everyone Mixes Up or Mangles

      Editors of the American Heritage Dictionaries
      Buy 11 Harrowhouse at Amazon

      11 Harrowhouse

      Gerald A. Browne
      Buy 12, 20 & 5 at Amazon

      12, 20 & 5

      John A. Parrish
      Buy 18mm Blues at Amazon

      18mm Blues

      Gerald A. Browne
      Buy 19 Purchase Street at Amazon

      19 Purchase Street

      Gerald A. Browne
      Buy 1942 at Amazon


      Winston Groom
      Buy 1968 at Amazon


      Joe Haldeman
      Buy 1968 in America at Amazon

      1968 in America

      Charles Kaiser
      Buy 25 Lessons at Amazon

      25 Lessons

      Nancy MehagianJudith A. Proffer
      Buy 3 Gates of the Dead at Amazon

      3 Gates of the Dead

      Jonathan Ryan
      Buy 3 Nights in August at Amazon

      3 Nights in August

      Buzz Bissinger
      Buy 32 Caliber at Amazon

      32 Caliber

      Donald McGibeny
      Buy 365 Days at Amazon

      365 Days

      Ronald J. Glasser
      Buy 50 at Amazon


      Avery Corman
      Buy 500 Dates at Amazon

      500 Dates

      Mark Miller
      Buy 77th Street Requiem at Amazon

      77th Street Requiem

      Wendy Hornsby
      Buy 813 at Amazon


      Maurice Leblanc
      Buy 90-Day Geisha at Amazon

      90-Day Geisha

      Chelsea Haywood
      Buy A Bad Man at Amazon

      A Bad Man

      Stanley Elkin
      Buy A Barcelona Heiress at Amazon

      A Barcelona Heiress

      Sergio Vila-Sanjuán
      Buy A Baroque Fable at Amazon

      A Baroque Fable

      Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
      Buy A Beautiful Truth at Amazon

      A Beautiful Truth

      Colin McAdam
      Buy A Better Place at Amazon

      A Better Place

      Barbara Hall
      Buy A Better War at Amazon

      A Better War

      Lewis Sorley
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