Written Word
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A Blush of Murder

Summer Prescott
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A Family Affair

Shannon VanBergen
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A Man Called Smith

Tanya E Williams
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Alpha Class

TS Paul and Michael Anderle
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Christian J. Gilliland
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Bend Me, Beck

Lacy Embers
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Benin Light

Peter Tonkin
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Blue Blood

Michael Lister
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Blue Lake

Elizabeth Buhmann
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Can You Hear It

Casey Diam
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Jessica Penot
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Cliff Diver

Carmen Amato
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Creation of Madness

Linda B. Myers
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Crime & Nourishment

Miranda Sweet
Buy Dangerous Habits at Amazon

Dangerous Habits

Susan Hunter
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Deadly Games

Sally Rigby
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Deviant Agendas

Katherine Smith Dedrick
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Don't Lie To Me

Willow Rose
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Double Blind

Carrie Bedford
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Face Of Our Father

G. Egore Pitir
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Fortune Croakies

Sam Cheever
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Highland Raven

Melanie Karsak
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Demelza Carlton
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Joshua Smith
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Jamie Zerndt
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Knightmare Arcanist

Shami Stovall
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Lost Arrow

Marshall Ross
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Lowcountry Punch

Benjamin Blackmore
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May Be Fatal

Taylor Marsh
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Murder on Lot B

London Lovett
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My Sister's Intended

Rachael Anderson
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