New Word City
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1919 Versailles

Charles L. Mee Jr.
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A Little Revenge

Willard Sterne Randall
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Africa: A History

Alvin M. Josephy
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Alexander Graham Bell

Morgan Wesson; Edwin S. Grosvenor
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American Heritage History of World War II

Stephen E. Ambrose; C.L. Sulzberger
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Avery's Knot

Mary Cable
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Beat the Last Drum

Thomas Fleming
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Best Intentions

Joseph T. Klempner
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Bette Davis

Grace May Carter
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Blown Away

Shane Gericke
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Boardwalk Melodies

Brian Dominic
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Born for the Storm

Robert Wisehart
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Boston 1775

Francis Russell
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Bunker Hill

Thomas Fleming
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China Star

Maurice Medland
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Crimes and Passion

Jeffrey S. Stephens
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Rees Quinn
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Quincy Shaw
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Rees Quinn
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Fire Arrow

Franklin Allen Leib
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Flat Lake in Winter

Joseph T. Klempner
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Thomas Fleming
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French and Indian Wars

Francis Russell
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Germany's Kings

David Ross Campbell
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Bruce Catton
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Henry VIII

Abigail Archer
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Hitler: 1889-1933

Donna Faulkner
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Ralph K. Andrist
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Davidson Butler
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Leonardo da Vinci

Anna Abraham
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Letters from Amelia

Jean L. Backus
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Lewis and Clark

Ralph K. Andrist
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