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"No One Can Hurt Him Anymore"

Carol J. Rothgeb
Scott H. Cupp
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A Killer's Touch

Michael Benson
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A Living Grave

Robert E. Dunn
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A Perfect Husband

Aphrodite Jones
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A Perfect Scandal

Tina Gabrielle
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Above It All

Cindy Myers
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Meredith Mileti
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An Invitation to Sin

Jo Beverley
Sally Mackenzie
Vanessa Kelly
Kaitlin O'Riley
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An Unquiet Grave

P.J. Parrish
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Any Other Girl

Rebecca Phillips
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Anything But Civil

Anna Loan-Wilsey
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Bertrice Small
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Ryan Lockwood
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Best Friends

Samantha Glen
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Betrayal in Blood

Michael Benson
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Joan Swan
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Blood Bath

Susan D. Mustafa
Tony Clayton
Sue Israel
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Blood Frenzy

Robert Scott
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Blood Orange

Drusilla Campbell
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Blood Secret

Sharon Page
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Blood and Silver

James R. Tuck
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Body Count

Burl Barer
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Body Hunter

Patricia Springer
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Body Rush

Anne Rainey
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Body Shots

Anne Rainey
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Bonjour, Happiness!

Jamie Cat Callan
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Breathing Water

T. Greenwood
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Bridge of Scarlet Leaves

Kristina McMorris
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Broken Doll

Burl Barer
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Buried Memories

Irene Pence
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City of Demons

Richelle Mead
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Cloris Leachman
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Cold Storage

Don Lasseter
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Sasha Campbell
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