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A Dollar Short

Karin Gillespie
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A Muddied Murder

Wendy Tyson
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A State of Jane

Meredith Schorr
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Abstract Aliases

Ritter Ames
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Altered to Death

Christina Freeburn
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Gigi Pandian
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Ax To Grind

Tonya Kappes
Buy Bedside Manners at Amazon

Bedside Manners

Phoebe Fox
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Bet Your Bottom Dollar

Karin Gillespie
Buy Beyond a Doubt at Amazon

Beyond a Doubt

Nancy Cole Silverman
Buy Big City Heat at Amazon

Big City Heat

David Burnsworth
Buy Bitter Harvest at Amazon

Bitter Harvest

Wendy Tyson
Buy Blogger Girl at Amazon

Blogger Girl

Meredith Schorr
Buy Board Stiff at Amazon

Board Stiff

Kendel Lynn
Buy Bones to Pick at Amazon

Bones to Pick

Linda Lovely
Buy Bridges Burned at Amazon

Bridges Burned

Annette Dashofy
Buy Circle of Influence at Amazon

Circle of Influence

Annette Dashofy
Buy Cropped to Death at Amazon

Cropped to Death

Christina Freeburn
Buy Dang Near Dead at Amazon

Dang Near Dead

Nancy G. West
Buy Deadly Assets at Amazon

Deadly Assets

Wendy Tyson
Buy Death in D Minor at Amazon

Death in D Minor

Alexia Gordon
Buy Designed to Death at Amazon

Designed to Death

Christina Freeburn
Buy Divinely Yours at Amazon

Divinely Yours

Karin Gillespie
Buy Dollar Daze at Amazon

Dollar Daze

Karin Gillespie
Buy Dying Brand at Amazon

Dying Brand

Wendy Tyson
Buy Embellished to Death at Amazon

Embellished to Death

Christina Freeburn
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Fatal Brushstroke

Sybil Johnson
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