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A Circumstance of Blood

Jeannette Cooperman
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A Free Range Wife

Michael Kenyon
Buy A Knight of Spain at Amazon

A Knight of Spain

Marjorie Bowen
Buy A Princely Knave at Amazon

A Princely Knave

Philip Lindsay
Buy A Question of Love at Amazon

A Question of Love

Gwen Kirkwood
Buy A Small Town Affair at Amazon

A Small Town Affair

Chrissie Loveday
Buy A Time for Vengeance at Amazon

A Time for Vengeance

Geoffrey Osborne
Buy Amazon Men at Amazon

Amazon Men

Adam Courtenay
Buy Another Way at Amazon

Another Way

Frankie McGowan
Buy Arctic Gold at Amazon

Arctic Gold

John Man
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Balance of Fear

Geoffrey Osborne
Buy Before & After at Amazon

Before & After

Laura Lockington
Buy Beyond Good and Evil at Amazon

Beyond Good and Evil

Steve Attridge
Buy Big Dipper at Amazon

Big Dipper

Stephen Wyatt
Buy Black Gambit at Amazon

Black Gambit

Eric Clark
Buy Broken Force at Amazon

Broken Force

John A. Bray
Buy Chance Encounters at Amazon

Chance Encounters

Helen McCabe
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Code Name: Viper

Rich Johnson
Buy Dead Ringer at Amazon

Dead Ringer

Roger Ormerod
Buy Death in Durban at Amazon

Death in Durban

Jon Zackon
Buy Death in the Coverts at Amazon

Death in the Coverts

Roderic Jeffries
Buy Death's No Antidote at Amazon

Death's No Antidote

Geoffrey Osborne
Buy Ella Maud at Amazon

Ella Maud

Nicholas Nicastro
Buy Elusive Liberty at Amazon

Elusive Liberty

Glen Davies
Buy Gypsy Heart at Amazon

Gypsy Heart

Rosemary Smith
Buy Home Front at Amazon

Home Front

John A. Bray
Buy Hopelessly Devoted at Amazon

Hopelessly Devoted

Margaret Blake
Buy In His Hands at Amazon

In His Hands

Phil Locascio
Buy Love & Sorrow at Amazon

Love & Sorrow

Jenny Telfer Chaplin
Buy My Lady Deceiver at Amazon

My Lady Deceiver

June Francis
Buy One Dagger for Two at Amazon

One Dagger for Two

Philip Lindsay
Buy Orkney Mystery at Amazon

Orkney Mystery

Miranda Barnes
Buy Soul Searching at Amazon

Soul Searching

Chrissie Loveday
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