Choc Lit
Buy A Stitch in Time at Amazon

A Stitch in Time

Amanda James
Buy A Western Heart at Amazon

A Western Heart

Liz Harris
Buy After She's Gone at Amazon

After She's Gone

Sheryl Browne
Buy An Irish Promise at Amazon

An Irish Promise

Isabella Connor
Buy Beneath an Irish Sky at Amazon

Beneath an Irish Sky

Isabella Connor
Buy Blueprint For Love at Amazon

Blueprint For Love

Henriette Gyland
Buy Can't Buy Me Love at Amazon

Can't Buy Me Love

Jane Lovering
Buy Celtic Love Knot at Amazon

Celtic Love Knot

Angela Britnell
Buy Cross Stitch at Amazon

Cross Stitch

Amanda James
Buy Dance Until Dawn at Amazon

Dance Until Dawn

Berni Stevens
Buy Dangerous Decisions at Amazon

Dangerous Decisions

Margaret Kaine
Buy Doctor January at Amazon

Doctor January

Rhoda Baxter
Buy Emma and Her Daughter at Amazon

Emma and Her Daughter

Linda Mitchelmore
Buy Every Witch Way at Amazon

Every Witch Way

Kirsty Ferry
Buy Falling Apart at Amazon

Falling Apart

Jane Lovering
Buy Fool's Gold at Amazon

Fool's Gold

Zana Bell
Buy Girl Having a Ball at Amazon

Girl Having a Ball

Rhoda Baxter
Buy Girl in Red Velvet at Amazon

Girl in Red Velvet

Margaret James
Buy Girl on the Run at Amazon

Girl on the Run

Rhoda Baxter
Buy House of Secrets at Amazon

House of Secrets

Lynda Stacey
Buy Hubble Bubble at Amazon

Hubble Bubble

Jane Lovering
Buy Impossible Things at Amazon

Impossible Things

Kate Johnson
Buy Kinross Saga at Amazon

Kinross Saga

Christina Courtenay
Buy Learning to Love at Amazon

Learning to Love

Sheryl Browne
Buy Little Girl Lost at Amazon

Little Girl Lost

Janet Gover
Buy Little Pink Taxi at Amazon

Little Pink Taxi

Marie Laval
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