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600 Hours of Edward

Craig Lancaster
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Autumn in Oxford

Alex Rosenberg
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Beneath the Trees

Laurel Saville
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Blood and Roses

A.K. Alexander
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Max Allan Collins
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Bone Music

Christopher Rice
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Maria Murnane
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Burning Man

Alan Russell
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By Helen's Hand

Amalia Carosella
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Casino Royale

Ian Fleming
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Donnie Kanter Winokur
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Cop Hater

Ed McBain
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Copper Heart

Leena Lehtolainen
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Crooked Little Lies

Barbara Taylor Sissel
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Crow Hollow

Michael Wallace
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Dead Certain

Adam Mitzner
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Deadly Aid

Michel Tarou
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Eddie & Sunny

Stacey Cochran
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Edinburgh Twilight

Carole Lawrence
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Family Values

G. M. Ford
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Sergei Kostin; Eric Raynaud
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Fatal Frost

Karen MacInerney
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Finding Emma

Steena Holmes
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First to Kill

Andrew Peterson
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Girls' Night Out

Lisa Steinke
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Half Past

Victoria Helen Stone
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Her Last Day

T.R. Ragan
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Her Sister's Shoes

Ashley Farley
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Hillbilly Heart

Billy Ray Cyrus; Todd Gold
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Husbands and Other Sharp Objects

Marilyn Simon Rothstein
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I Am Livia

Phyllis T. Smith
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Imperial Valley

Johnny Shaw
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In the Blood

Steve Robinson
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