Akashic Books (Ignition)
Buy A Mind of Winter at Amazon

A Mind of Winter

Shira Nayman
Buy Adios Muchachos at Amazon

Adios Muchachos

Daniel Chavarría
Buy Alice Fantastic at Amazon

Alice Fantastic

Maggie Estep
Buy All or Nothing at Amazon

All or Nothing

Preston L. Allen
Buy American Visa at Amazon

American Visa

Juan de Recacoechea
Buy Andean Express at Amazon

Andean Express

Juan de Recacoechea
Buy Anna In-Between at Amazon

Anna In-Between

Elizabeth Nunez
Buy Barcelona Noir at Amazon

Barcelona Noir

Adriana V. López
Carmen Ospina
Buy Bedrock Faith at Amazon

Bedrock Faith

Eric Charles May
Buy Beirut Noir at Amazon

Beirut Noir

Iman Humaydan
Buy Belfast Noir at Amazon

Belfast Noir

Adrian McKinty
Stuart Neville
Buy Black Orchid Blues at Amazon

Black Orchid Blues

Persia Walker
Buy Boundaries at Amazon


Elizabeth Nunez
Buy Bronx Noir at Amazon

Bronx Noir

S. J. Rozan
Buy Brooklyn Noir 3 at Amazon

Brooklyn Noir 3

Tim McLoughlin
Thomas Adcock
Buy Brussels Noir at Amazon

Brussels Noir

Michel Dufranne
Buy Buenos Aires Noir at Amazon

Buenos Aires Noir

Ernesto Mallo
Buy Buffalo Noir at Amazon

Buffalo Noir

Ed Park
Brigid Hughes
Buy Cervantes Street at Amazon

Cervantes Street

Jaime Manrique
Buy Chicago Noir at Amazon

Chicago Noir

Neal Pollack
Buy Colaterales/Collateral at Amazon


Dinapiera Di Donato
Buy Curse the Names at Amazon

Curse the Names

Robert Arellano
Buy Dallas Noir at Amazon

Dallas Noir

David Hale Smith
Buy Delhi Noir at Amazon

Delhi Noir

Hirsh Sawhney
Buy Discretion at Amazon


Elizabeth Nunez
Buy Dog War at Amazon

Dog War

Anthony Winkler
Buy Don Dimaio of La Plata at Amazon

Don Dimaio of La Plata

Robert Arellano
Buy Drawing Autism at Amazon

Drawing Autism

Jill Mullin
Buy Dublin Noir at Amazon

Dublin Noir

Ken Bruen
Buy East Village Tetralogy at Amazon

East Village Tetralogy

Arthur Nersesian
Buy Even in Paradise at Amazon

Even in Paradise

Elizabeth Nunez
Buy Fighting in the Shade at Amazon

Fighting in the Shade

Sterling Watson
Buy Five Hours at Amazon

Five Hours

Lucinda Weatherby
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