The Retreat

Published by Bloodhound Books

A chilling novel of a fragile marriage, a remote house above the North Sea, and a dark secret that may change everything.

Chamber Cottage, a coastguard residence that sits high up on the North Yorkshire cliffs overlooking the North Sea, is home to Alec and Peggy. Damaged by their childhoods and estranged from family members, they are trying to get on with their lives and find comfort in each other—though their marriage suffers from strain. Both are convinced that they are being watched—a situation that exacerbates Peggy’s agoraphobic tendencies.

To make matters worse, Peggy discovers her estranged mother is stalking her, claiming she knows a dark secret that is putting Peggy in danger. She thinks Alec is a monster. Before long, Peggy is not sure what to believe—and what truly lies within Chamber Cottage…

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