Paper Dolls

Published by Bloodhound Books

“A deadly game of cat n’ mouse…Pullar's dark mind is a force to be reckoned with.”—L.V. Hay, bestselling author of The Other Twin

Bizarre murders are taking place in London, the victim’s cheeks and lips painted with blood, paper dolls left as a calling card. Kerri, a young journalist, happens to stumble across the body of the third victim—an accident that could make her career. Her roommate, Beatrice, wants to use the crimes as an inspiration for a novel that will put her back in the literary spotlight. Meanwhile, their other roommate, Mike, is distracted by a performance artist named Princess, his own artistic struggles, and his rapidly unraveling life.

Before long, it becomes clear that the three roommates have more in common than an apartment and a driving sense of ambition. They also share a connection to the deranged Paper Doll Killer, in this chilling psychological mystery by the acclaimed author of Skeletal.

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