In Harm's Way

Published by Bloodhound Books
When no one knows you’re in danger, how can you ever be saved? A taut crime thriller set in Scotland from an award-nominated author.

The Baxter house in the Lowther Hills, in Scotland, has been up for sale for decades. It’s dilapidated and near-derelict, and nobody is interested in it. But for one potential buyer, the remote location and rat-infested cellar are perfect.

For the first year, Mackenzie’s marriage to Derek was ideal. But Derek believes she is having an affair, and when she realizes her husband is becoming controlling, she knows she’s made a terrible mistake.

But Mackenzie has a drinking problem, so when she threatens to leave Derek and then disappears, no one believes she has been abducted. It will fall to DS Geddes to untangle the truth…

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