Time of the Fourth Horseman

Time of the Fourth Horseman

by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
A secret government conspiracy to battle overpopulation in a disease-free dystopian future goes chaotically and terrifyingly awry in this classic science fiction cautionary thriller

In a brave new world, the eradication of all disease has brought an unexpected consequence: extreme overpopulation across the globe. The failure of all previous population control methods has resulted in severe food shortages, rampant unemployment, and violent unrest, which in turn has given rise to the Project, a top secret experiment born in the shadowy corners of America’s government. But now something has gone terribly wrong. Suddenly people are dying in droves in a major US city, struck down by ailments that were supposedly wiped off the face of the Earth generations ago.

Doctors Natalie Lebbreau and Harry Smith are witnesses to this terrifying onset of plagues for which there are no longer cures. Banding together with a small group of health care colleagues, they must somehow stop the fatal epidemic that is spreading like wildfire through an overcrowded, unprotected city while they race to uncover and expose the sinister truth about the Project. But it may already be too late to contain the dark experiment that is rapidly morphing into an apocalyptic nightmare.


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