Chaos Space

Marianne de Pierres
Marianne de Pierres' epic series, THE SENTIENTS OF ORION, has been called "a grand space opera" (Times Literary Supplement) and "brilliant in all senses of the word" (Sean Williams). All four books were shortlisted for the prestigious Aurealis Award, with the final book winning for Best Novel.

Book Two of The Sentients of Orion

As her home planet of Araldis burns following an invasion, Mira Fedor has fled to the nearest Orion League planet seeking aid for her devastated world. But the authorities turn a blind eye, appearing more interested in stealing her bio-ship, Insignia. It is not the only mystery she faces, as she discovers an initiative called Tekton takes extreme measures in acquiring a rare mineral alloy. What has that to do with the destruction of Araldis, or for that sake, the Stain Wars? The truth is bigger than even Mira can fathom, as it begs the larger question: is there a Sole Entity out there in the universe, guiding their every move...?

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